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Why? Because when you love your listing, your buyers, the next owner of your home will love it too!

Our goal is to have as many buyers as we can gather to see the full potential of your home and to eventually fall in love with it.

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Meet The Thiessen Group

Our Team

Vicki L Thiessen
Rob Thiessen
Chad Thiessen

Why are we so particular of the marketing of our listings? Because it matters. Hiring the right REALTORS is all about finding the professionals that you respect and trust to help you achieve your goals. It's also critical they have a proven track record.

 Results-Driven Marketing

A photo depicts whether your buyer will continue looking through the other parts of your home, to call us and schedule a private showing or just to let go and browse to another listed home -- in short it is CRITICAL.

Our marketing plan for selling homes is aggressive, proactive and most of all, results-driven.

We hire the most sought out photographers and videographers to produce a high quality, premium snapshot of your home. By using drone videos, and 3D VR (Virtual Reality) tours of your home, our goal is to nail it at the very first photo - to make them fall in love at first sight.

The average Realtor waits until a home is listed in the MLS to start marketing and just waits for buyers to come to them. Not Us. Before your home is even listed we'll launch a campaign to gain potential buyers and buyer agents get excited about your home. Our typical pre-listing marketing campaign gets 100% of potential home buyers interested in learning more about your home.

Our digital marketing is a game changer which sets Us apart from an average Realtor. Facebook has become a powerful marketing tool. We create a unique Facebook marketing campaign for your property that reaches 1000's of potential buyers. Bottom line, We turn "likes" into LEADS.

Home Staging

We personally go through every detail of your home to know how to perfectly present it by means of staging. If this is a new term to you, "staging" is presenting your home in the best possible light, by assessing (and adjusting, if needed) aspects of furniture placement, wall colors, and even landscaping. Sometimes our way of living is very much different from how it should be presented to potential buyers.

Responding to the MOST MOTIVATED BUYERS 24 Hours a Day Within 5 Minutes

The most motivated buyers are the ones who eagerly search for the latest properties that hit the market at all different hours of the day. They are the ones that are participative, who are even willing to leave their phone number to get more information on the home, they are, by far the ones most ready to purchase your home.

The problem occurs if they don't get a response (not an automated reply, but a real person that answers their questions) within the next few minutes. They would drop the idea and click on to the next property, completely dismissing yours. For buyers, it doesn't matter whether its 5 pm or 5 am. They want the information quickly or they don't want it all.

Listing your property with The Thiessen Group will get your listing the ❤️ it deserves. Your home will get a response the way people want a response - quickly and via text. If they want to talk to someone on the phone after getting some information via text, that is how your potential buyer will get responded to, all WITHIN FIVE MINUTES!

Every Home has Its Own Unique Story

Your home is your sanctuary. And that is how it should appeal and be shown to the buyers. It has never been just a "3 bed and 3 bath".

Your home has its own unique story and what we can provide you would be the voice to showcase your home beautifully for buyers to see.

International Marketing

Almost every luxury real estate agent will tell you that they market internationally. But do they really? WE DO! We know some of the top real estate agents in different countries as well as many in states across the US. These are personal friends of ours that we share listings with. Many times we end up having clients that are interested in each other's properties.

Working for RE/MAX Full Spectrum, we have a HUGE international presence in other countries.


We don't do promises, we produce numbers.

Not quite ready to list your home for sale? That's OK too! We are always just a phone call or email away to answer any questions you have about selling a home, buying a home, or anything else related to the real estate market.

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